Frequently Asked Questions

The manufacturer will provide with a brand-new towable RV a standard 1 year or with some manufactures a 2 year “Warranty”. Motorized RVs range up to 3 years and with some manufactures providing a “limited powertrain warranty” to cover any repairs for defects. Once that time expires with the original owner or the title is transferred to a subsequent owner the “Warranty” ends.

Since ownership of your RV tends to be much longer than that, this is where the “Vehicle Service Contract” with Happy Camper can provide costly repair protection while adding additional benefits above and beyond that are not included in “Warranty” coverage.

A Warranty is provided by the manufacturer to cover repairs or defects once a new is purchased by a consumer. This protection is only in effect under the guidelines of that manufacturer and available only to the first registered owner. Repairs / recalls are performed typically only by an authorized dealer of that product line. Choosing when and how repairs are performed is often out of your hands.

A vehicle service agreement otherwise known as a vehicle service contract or VSC, is a policy that provides parts and labor repairs after the manufacturer’s warranty expires yet still providing other ancillary benefits to make your new purchase an enjoyable experience both during and after the term of your manufacturer warranty. With the flexibility of a Happy Camper vehicle service contract you can take your RV to any certified repair facility for repairs in the USA or Canada once in effect.

First congrats! Fun is headed your way. With the rising costs of parts and labor at RV repair shops this is your opportunity to buy peace of mind at today's dollars. Inflation is on the rise, a Happy Camper service contract is not only buying you peace of mind but with the limited term of the factory warranty length when compared to your ownership term this is money well spent. You have literally purchased a home on wheels and with thousands of parts and complex systems bouncing down the roadways of America it tends to be a matter of when it fails, not if.

Buying today may save your vacations for what they are intended for; time to enjoy yourself, not worrying about whether I can afford to fix my RV.

When traveling there are many unexpected expenditures that can arise to ruin your vacation. Big towing bills when your RV is stuck on the side of the road, slide rooms that become inoperable making even moving your RV impossible and mobile service repair the only option; the list goes on. When choosing our total protection we will cover these types of costs on qualified repairs ensuring that your vacation stays on track.

Yes, we offer protection for your camping experience the same as if you bought it right off a dealer's lot. With Happy Camper everyone should benefit from the protection and peace of mind knowing their investment is covered for those unexpected breakdowns.

Yes we have programs for all you wheeled vehicles, including: RVs, trucks and cars, motorcycles, side by sides, and event boats Just let us know what you have and we will do our best to accommodate your needs.

You can certainly make one payment but if your needs require installment payments we can do that at ZERO percent interest to you.

Yes, on an approved claim both parts and labor are covered after you pay your deductible.

We try to make this as easy as possible. One, make sure you have your contract information with you while traveling. Two, contact us if on the side of the road as needed to get you to the nearest repair facility. Three, make sure to let the repair shop know you have a service contract and have them call into the claims dept to initiate a claim. Once we have started to work directly with a repair shop we can get you back on the road asap. Four, You should then just pay your deductible to the repair shop and be back on the way to enjoying your RV experience again.

With Happy Camper our programs allow you to take your RV to any ASE certified repair facility in the USA or Canada for repair.

Yes, Happy Camper uses only A+ rated insurers to protect our customers' investment.